Sandra Bullock and me

Once upon a time, I had a job as director of special events at The Fashion Group International that I quit for family reasons.

Really, I did.

But before “family reasons” starting piling up, I had a pretty good ride at a very nice job.

There were many perks of the job.

1. Amazing swag.

2. Meet some very interesting people.

3. Go to fashion shows.

4.  I got my picture taken with Sandra Bullock.  Yup. In 6 years of working at my job, I never took advantage of the opportunity to get my photo taken with any other person and I had lots of chances. But here’s the thing. If you stand next to say, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Gwyneth Paltrow, Charlize Theron, or Sandra Bullock you better be either really confident or really want the photo because it’s hard to look gorgeous next to any of those women.

And in my case, I was totally unprepared for my photo op.   I had literally settled for and bought in a mad dash to Lord & Taylor on 38th and Fifth,  the dress I am wearing about an hour before the big event Fashion Group Night of Stars at Cipriani 42nd Street.

Lesson: Always be prepared and get your outfit together way in advance if celebrities are coming to dinner. There will be cameras on hand.

Nancy Mindes, Sandra Bullock, Diane Clehane

Sandra Bullock was the  Night of Stars humanitarian honoree for having given two million dollars to the Red Cross for Sri Lanka and Hurricane Katrina aid.  Along with Sandra Bullock were lots of other A-listers like Valentino and Meryl Streep.  (And we had Donald Trump there too. Really.)

Late in getting started and rushing to get ready, I had forgotten to bring any lingerie, read: no power push-up bra, no shapewear, and Boom! A photographer snaps us and I am in a photo with Sandra Bullock.

No matter.

Don’t look at me look at Sandra looking beautiful in that golden Valentino gown.

She’s the one in the middle.

The jeggings thing…

Unless you have been living in a cave you must have noticed fashion’s latest iteration on jeans + leggings.

Jeggings!  There are many price points and style possibilities. The democratization of fashion allows anyone to get anything they want at just about any price.  No matter whether you spend 14.99 at Marshall’s or $148.00 at a fancy boutique make sure they accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative

As former director of special events for The Fashion Group International in New York City and a woman old enough to know my limitations in choosing the latest styles I would like to offer up a few tips for those who have not yet taken the jean leggings plunge, especially for the grown up set who really do NOT want to look like their teenage daughter’s. ( Please say you don’t!)

1. Make sure you look at yourself in a 3-way mirror.  How tight is too tight? If you look like ten pounds of sausage in a five-pound casing go up a size. Believe me your public will appreciate it.

Check now to avoid sausage legs later.

2. Wear the lingerie you will most likely be wearing when you try them on.  They will fit better and you will get a better read on what is showing or not showing.

3. Try on several pairs and be truthful with yourself about how they look on you.  Don’t be in a rush to grab the first pair get the pair that flatters you, updates your style and  enhances your wardrobe possibilities.

4. If you can’t see how you really look (or don’t want to) shop with a friend who will tell you the truth and help you pick out the best pair of jean leggings. You will be happy later on.

5. If you have a bit of a tummy that pooches out look for a pair with a higher waistline. The stretch will do wonders for holding in that part of the anatomy and give you a smooth, sleek look. Leave the low- waisted hip huggers to the under 25 set.  I bought a dark-wash pair at Marshall’s by a company by the name of Suko for $14.99 and they are just the thing for my “woman of a certain age” waistline that no amount of pilates  and going to the gym is going to change. (and I am an exerciser and still slim but not like I was when I was younger, body shapes shift as we fill out and become more womanly. ) Go with it.

6. Unless you are going out to dance clubs or plan to perform live onstage in a band or want to attract customers of a certain type you might want to avoid sequin leggings.  If you have a daughter or son in high school or college you might want to pass on these. Though they would look great on your daughter no doubt. (Would dad let her out in these??)

For that rock star look

7. Once you have found your dream pair of jeans leggings go find some tops to pair with them, a pair of ballet flats and enjoy your svelte, sexy, updated look.