Want to be more effective when working at home?

I don’t know about you but as an on again, off again blogger I find it very difficult to sit down and just write.

It’s not for lack of ideas rather for lack of a disciplined schedule. That would work for me.  Of course if your life is hectic and full of challenges, you might laugh and say.

“Disciplined schedule is she kidding? I can hardly make time to eat!”

Yes you can.  Make the time.  Pick a tip from the list below.

Then put the idea into action and notice any changes.

Pick another and keep going.

Their design is meant to keep you moving forward.

1. Set a deadline. Give  yourself  a reward  or  give someone else a reward, depending on outcome. Using a timer like from your iPhone or an egg timer can help, a lot.

Miss it:  Put a $5.00 bill in a jar to donate to charity. Make it: Take the $5.00 and and save up for that massage you long for.

2. Work with a buddy, friend, colleague, coach. Check in at start, check in 30 second call> stay on task, and check in at finish to see how you both did.

3. Do only what you love to do or you won’t do it. Focus is easier if you love what you do.

Delegate or dump anything that keeps you stuck in the land of excuses.

4. Develop a routine. What is your working style? I like early mornings to write ideas in my journal.

5. Train family members to respect your working time. Or lock the door or go to library or Starbucks.

6.  LOVE your work environment.  This is a biggie. Mine was a mess. The walls were pink with big blue blobs.  And overflowing with who knows what.

Now it’s the color of Pismo Beach dunes and my dog Clinton can be on the deck with me. Here he is testing a rug for me.

7. Set yourself up with your beverages, snacks, tissues. All the necessities you will need to get down to business and not have to keep jumping up, which is an avoidance tactic.

8.Define your daily goals.  Break big tasks into little actions. Define what you want to accomplish.  Baby steps can be very meaningful. Make it so.

9. Start your day with a smile. Keep it in your heart.Take a walk. Meditate for 3 minutes. Stretch. Have a delicious cup of coffee, english breakfast tea or hot water with lemon.

10. At the end of the day write down 10 things you were glad you did today. Could even be you got the laundry put away. Just make sure ONE of them advances your goals for being more effective in your business.

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