Hot town summer

Is this a poem?

So  far from what I can tell.

This is the sizzling
summer of the hot and the buggy.
(Who you calling buggy?)
It’s been…

I mean yucky.

Okay so.

Let it go.
Imagine snow?
Live in possibility.

I am the possibility of Jo’ie de Vivre

(Francaise for joy in life thanks France for that)
July 14, 2012
Nancy in New York

FancyNancy and Magic Mark on the boardwalk.

Bastille Day. and my rescue dog

This is Clinton. From Arkansas. Go ahead and laugh.  At All About Labs they get it right. I asked for a sweet, gentle, loving dog and that is exactly what I got.  My sweet chocolate lab/pointer came thousands of miles in search of a new life and a good home and in a mere two weeks has transformed my life for the better. I love him, he loves me. He is easy to train a joy to have around and we are just getting started. If you want a GREAT DOG. Go to All About Gina will choose for you the dog of your dreams. And if you can’t manage having a dog, help them do the great work they do making sure those who are ready for a great companion get a lovely, healthy socialized dog.