Picture your mind like a still pool of water.
Its quiet depth is profound.
–a mindfulness reminder from chill-app.com

Think of something you feel gratitude for. Let that gratitude warm you.
For a few breaths, simply sit with that warmth.
–a mindfulness reminder from chill-app.com

Exhale one deep breath, like a pressure-release valve.
Feel the tension inside diminishing as you let off steam.
–a mindfulness reminder from chill-app.com

Go ahead and break those balloons

The life you save may be your own. And the whales and other giant sea creatures who ingest your “happy 40th birthday” balloons
Save the whales people❤❤

Do this: after the party is over-
1. Pop all balloons especially if you are lucky enough to have a party at the beach.
Pick up the popped balloons and please toss them in the trash.
You will be doing such a good thing for all.

Hot town summer

Is this a poem?

So  far from what I can tell.

This is the sizzling
summer of the hot and the buggy.
(Who you calling buggy?)
It’s been…

I mean yucky.

Okay so.

Let it go.
Imagine snow?
Live in possibility.

I am the possibility of Jo’ie de Vivre

(Francaise for joy in life thanks France for that)
July 14, 2012
Nancy in New York

FancyNancy and Magic Mark on the boardwalk.

Bastille Day.