Want to be loved by your customers? Do this.

What if you could easily and effortlessly get referrals from your customers, wouldn’t that be great?

Sometimes all it takes is considering how YOU would like to be treated as a customer.

Here are some Do’s that might have them jumping for JOY.

Love your Business

DO be someone who builds relationships before results. Be a person your customers ENJOY.

DO CALL your customers to check in with how you are doing. Ask your customers if they have any ideas or suggestions that would help you to serve them better.

DO offer continuous service or product improvements.

DO remember to THANK your customers for their business. A  HANDWRITTEN note  on a nice card via regular mail will WOW your customers.

DO keep your customers in the loop if there are problems with  your product or service. (Think: Steve Jobs handling the iPhone 4.0 situation)

DO teach your customers how to get the most from your product or service.

DO something totally unexpected that adds value to your customer just because.

DO give clients special services or a for-clients-only club with special offers.

DO follow-up, ask for feedback.

DO remember client birthdays.

DO stay ahead of the pack. Look for ways to innovate and offer something nobody else does. Be a leader.

DO love your customers and they will love you back.

Shift Happens.

When my mother died at the age of 91 I was left with the task of liquidating a lot of books and ephemera that had been collected by my grandfather whom my mother always called Jack.  He was a lawyer who’s name appeared in Who’s Who and he loved books and items of ephemera along with Asian art, prints and many other items.

For two years I had no idea what to do with all this stuff. I had been given an edict not to trust dealers. And a good thing too. I had brought in two different book experts who took a look and declared that these books were not worth much at all.

One fellow took an interest in one book.  A first edition of a Virginia Woolf title with an intact dustjacket.

One book? Just one?

These were books that had come into my childhood home in my teen years.

They were objects I was afraid to touch, enclosed in Globe Werneke bookcases that lined the walls of our house in Levittown, NY.

And then, one day as I sat in my childhood home waiting for the oil burner man to fix the burner on the coldest day of the coldest winter in a decade, I sat with a tiny space heater that belonged to my mother, I opened one of the glass doors and took a look at the forbidden books.

Inside of each book  I opened, I found there was a note on a small scrap of paper from my mother telling me about the book.

Right there. I said “sh*t”.

Shift Happens. I knew I had to take this task on. I had to Free the books and find them good homes.