Cycle for Survival
Dear Friends and Family, You made a HUGE difference!

Thank you!

On Saturday 2/12/2011 at Cycle for Survival in Roslyn there were over 375 cycling teams at Equinox Spa all working together toward a common goal: to help the research teams at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center working in conjunction with major centers across the country to find a treatment that will stop rare and treatment-resistant cancers from their deadly advance. We had teams fromThe Biggest Loser and Saturday Night Live and teams of doctors from MSKCC cycling together with us to help win this battle.

Cycle for Survival was started by one woman, the beautiful and inspiring Jennifer Goodman Linn who at the age of 33 was given the diagnosis that takes ones breath away, you have sarcoma and there are no effective treatments for it. In just 4 years Jennifer turned this terrifying news into a reason to take what she loved: cycling, her desire to keep on living and to help others in the same leaky boat, into what is now a global event.

On Saturday, I had the honor to stand onstage with her at Equinox as we presented the $4.2 million dollar check to one very-choked-up doctor from MSKCC.

We will keep on cycling together until effective treatments are found that can stop all rare and treatment resistant cancers which comprise over 50% of all cancers diagnosed and include, leukemia, pancreatic, melanoma, the sarcomas, brain cancer, head and neck and many others.  Sadly, none of us escapes knowing someone who has been touched by cancer.

There is one more event in March at Equinox in San Francisco. If you know someone there they might want to stop in and cheer them on and get a free massage and take a yoga class!

Mark and I cycled together with you our family and friends present and in spirit with much joy and love in our hearts.  If you look on my facebook page you can see some great shots and video from what was quite a day!

We will be back next year at Equinox.  We hope you can be there with us again too.

We thank you.

With much love and gratitude,

Nancy and Mark

Mega Team: Expect Miracles 4 Mark

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