It’s my birthday 11/27

Fancy Nancy says, 

It’s my birthday 
Give yourself a gift.  
It’s the holiday season.  You deserve a gift.

This one is simple and free.

What would life be like if you were able to be the calm of every situation?
Imagine. You are  the eye of the storm. Wouldn’t it be great  to be able to deal with fear and other negative or unwanted thoughts that might crop up this holiday season.
Wouldn’t it be great to just enjoy the chaos and have a great time?

Reduce stress by being The Calm.
How much easier would life be? You get to choose. Who do you choose to be today?

Will a storm rage and upend life or will you be calm even in the face of chaos?
Choose that which makes life most enjoyable even when there are obstacles and challenges..

Imagine what is possible if you choose peace.

Here’s that gift hope you like it.  May it keep on giving all the year through!

Meditation teacher, Jack Kornfield espouses an interesting method for dealing with negative and unwanted thoughts.”Don’t let them possess you, he says, “and don’t assume you have to act them out. On the other hand, don’t struggle mightily to suppress them, either. Instead, try this: Bow to the offending idea. Acknowledge and admire its power. Express your gratitude and respect to it for galvanizing so much of your psychic energy. “

Go quiet. Breathe into the space.Be the calm. Have a piece of cake on my birthday.

Peace to you,

come meditate together at I am a student there.

Jack Kornfield is an American Buddhist monk and author of A Path wiith Heart and the DVD series The Inner  Art of Meditation.

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