there is something about meditation

Got up at 7:15 a.m. today to attend a kundalini yoga meditation on the self.  Since I had only gone to bed a few hours  before it was essential that before I walked Clinton that I get my morning cup of coffee. I realize that coffee and meditation may not appear to go together however I thought it wiser to be awake and participating than snoring and checked out in for the morning’s events. So important to me was this group  meditation that I blew off the sold-out Blogher10 Conference at the NY Hilton here in  New York to do this meditation.

(Did I hear a collective groan from those women who wanted to attend and could not? I apologize and realized too late that I was not going to make it there.

Perhaps you will forgive  me as you read this posting.

The class was led by my spiritual teacher and friend, Sarabjot who is also known as Arlene.

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