The music in your heart is always in tune

ImageMy hubby Mark ( the one in the Blue Shirt with the really nice legs) always gives me great cards.

I have treasured this one from the day he gave it to me. Inspiring. And so true. One of the boxes on the card says, “Keep dancing.”  One of my favorite things to do. Dance. Especially with him.

Keep dancing, yes indeed.

Dance with life.

Even when it clearly sucks. Right now there are indeed some s*cky aspects. Mark’s cancer started to take off because he was not able to be treated. Eeek.

So it’s a battle and I am looking to make a miracle. I live in that possibility of magic and miracles. I wear a bracelet from my friend Payson Cooper that says Expect Miracles. I pray for one daily and could use some help here. If you pray, please put Mark in there somewhere. I do not care what your faith is just please have some for him. Whatever it is for you.  And thank you for that.

When I look at this photo of us taken in Cancun in 1991, I am grateful we got to take this silly shot in Cancun.

Don’t we look chic in our snorkling gear?

Mark is wearing an Aruba shirt and I am wearing one that I found blowing on the beach that says Can-cun just like Coca-Cola.  We are about to go snorkling in a man-made place I remember it was a bit strange the water murky and a little too warm and the fish looked like they were tired of all the tourists.

No matter. The drive over there from our little eco-resort in our tan Volkswagon beetle was priceless.

(Like the Mastercard commercial.)

When I think about that trip and some of the other adventures we have taken together both away and right here in NY, I long for a few more of those days again.

As grateful as I think I am I get to see that sometimes I can be a wretch of silent complaining of how bad things are right now and then “poof” in a instant I snap out of it and give it up so I can ask for what I want is it.

What I want for my sweet handsome hubby Mark is to make a miracle for him please  one more time and bring him to wellness and more good hours than suck-y hours. He may have been dealt a very unlucky cancer card, but I am praying for good fortune to smile on Mark.

Message to the big guy>>>May the meds work.

Mark is someone who changed the lives of children in some of the most under-served communities in NYC.

An educator with a caring heart and a flair for creativity and bringing math to life.

Please give Mark stability and wellness and a date to skate in Central Park again.

I know you got it in you.

Gratefully yours.

“You must pray that the way be long, full of adventures and experiences.” -Constantine Peter Cavafy, Greek Poet

Shift Happens 101: Advice. Wise men don’t need it. Fools won’t heed it.

Ever notice this? You work and work and work. You’ve written out your daily goals, action plans and yet somehow you feel like Sisyphus, that darn boulder keeps rolling back at you.  I don’t know about you but that happens when I let my out-sized ego self lead me around by the nose.

Way back in 2002 I participated in an experiment. I wrote a chapter in a book.

My ego took over and I went against the advice of my life coach at the time, Talane Miedaner, who said, “write your own book”. Well she was right and I didn’t. Still the little book contained some wisdom and good ideas for getting an abundance mindset.

My chapter is called “Maximal Deliciousness”. It’s good if a little syrupy in the wake of September 11th my message was true then and true now.

Live in a space of gratitude. And if you haven’t got it, get it.

The book was called, A Guide to Getting it: Achieving Abundance. Truth is I wasn’t as thrilled with it as I had hoped.

Talane was right. Write your own book. Sing your own song.

Others who have read it find that it has wisdom within.  One gal told me she followed the exercises in the book and they were very helpful her business started to blossom, her life started to shift just from taking a different tack. A guy from Michigan told me he found my chapter “inspiring” and “he got off his butt” to enjoy life more.

You can decide for 99cents on Amazon and it’s free shipping if you are a prime customer or SuperSaver shopper.

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