A New York Treasure of music.

Available around the world.

Please donate to help them get much needed equipment.

All tax deductible.

They rarely fundraise unless emergency 🆘 212-851-2699

One dollar one latte.

Give what you can.

Please ensure this extraordinary music treasure keeps going.

I grew up listening to WKCR in Levittown in the 1950’s and always continued to listen.

From Bachfest to David Bowie- Phil Schapp jazz to Sade- Latin jazz, Hip Hop and Mingus. Gospel on Sunday then Across 110th Street

And even Columbia basketball.

100% donor funded.

— Read on www.cc-seas.columbia.edu/wkcr/

Are your jaw muscles holding tension? Breathe into them and relax.
Let that tension slide out of them, and down into the earth.
–a mindfulness reminder from chill-app.com

Calm is a superpower

Watch you mind leap about like a squirrel. That’s just what it does.
That frantic mind is not you. You’re much more than that.
–a mindfulness reminder from chill-app.com