Who is Fancy Nancy says?

Fancy Nancy says… Shift Happens.  Life gets messy. 

Enjoy the ride, no matter what. Throw kindness like confetti.

Who is Fancy Nancy says? I was married for 26 years to Mark my true love. Then life went upside down in 2012 when he died from a rare cancer. He told me to be happy, find another guy, get back to work as a personal coach and write that darn book.

My best boyfriend right now is a rescue dog by the name of Clinton. No matter how I feel he is there with a wagging tail and his handsome face. Rain or shine, winter or summer we get out and make new friends.

When I was a little girl I dreamed of being a dancer, maybe even a Radio City Rockette but I didn’t really have the talent, the training, the height or the wear-with-all to do it. As an adult, I trained as a pole-dancer at SFactor on 23rd Street in New York City, take Zumba classes, ballroom dancing classes, have taken ballet and theater jazz  and love dancing under the stars at Lincoln Center Mid Summer Night Swing to satisfy my unfulfilled yearnings.  I don’t really have the right stuff to be that kind of dancer I had hoped to be but a girl can dream.

As a little girl I dreamed that maybe I could get to be Miss America, but I had big curly, frizzy hair and I did not see one Miss America with frizzy hair, plus they were curvy were I was skinny. As an adult I realized that being Miss America really wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. I am glad I live in America however with all our messiness.

As a little girl I thought I might want to be a writer, then my mother read my diary, declared it a “pack of lies and a bunch of crap” and I never picked up a pen again unless I had to for school.

Now here I am starting (yet another) blog and being an author on Medium too with the intention to stay with it, hoping I don’t bore you to death and YOU call it a bunch of crap too. Though I actually  would welcome the feedback so go ahead.

Call it what it is.

As a little girl I dreamed of traveling to far away places and I have been a many places but not what I had hoped it would be, I wanted exotic adventures in distant lands.

Instead and maybe more to the point for me is that  I have  taken some truly life-changing inner journeys and found joy and friendship in my Yoga NY kundalini yoga community.

I have walked across hot coals and loved it so much I wanted to go again. Bungee-jumped off a bridge into the gorge and river below,  flew on a flying trapeze and done a flip and a catch (not bad for age 50++) I have been a roller blader, a cycler, jumped out of trees with a harness and prayer, walked down a very steep mountain blindfolded with guide helping me avoid killing myself.

So what is this about? It’s about how life happens. Sometimes I may rant about how much I hate it when people text and drive or bump into me without saying, “excuse me”.  Sometimes I may wax poetic or get all philosophical. Or just post a photo of my beautiful dog.


Let’s see where this road takes me. Hopefully you won’t call it a “bunch of crap” too often.

Life doesn’t always go exactly as we plan it which is why  Fancy Nancy says…”shift happens” because it does even if you don’t want it to.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

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