Clinton to the rescue


He’s finally here.  The dog is in the house and what a dog he is!

There are no accidents in life.


How did I get a dog named Clinton? From Arkansas? I asked and he was given to me.

Now he lives in New York.  In my house LUCKY ME!

This is him.  Just in time. Unconditional love.

Thank you for saving me

Things happen.

Life can suddenly S*CK.

Live in the moment. Make the present perfect. Even when it clearly is not.

Remember to breathe.

Laugh daily. No matter what.

Shift Happens.Look for doors to open.

Fearlessness + inspiration=Joy

No matter what.

Go with it. Make it the thing. Life grows bigger.

Want some love?

Get a dog like *Clinton. From Arkansas.

Grow yourself to find the way to joy in your life.

Keep going.

No matter what!

Business plans?

Simply life. Connect With Others. HAVE MORE FUN! Be kindness. LIVE compassion.

Make  more Money so you can GIVE it away.

Do it now.

Cause let me tell you I promise.

SHIFT does definitely happen.

Want some love?

Get the best dog at

Donate to

They perform magic that will change your life for the BETTER.

Tell ‘em Clinton from Arkansas sent you.

May 12, 2010

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  1. I would like to know about your experience with as we have been corresponding with them about adopting a lab from them. Our chocolate lab passed away over a year ago after 11 years with us. We just want to know a little more about the organization and their dogs before committing to getting a dog from them. Thank you.

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