Lady in red gingham…

You have captured the essence of the 1950’s fashion so beautifully. very perceptive and plugged in. My mother would have worn this for sure. Today we can wear this (and still have our spandex.) Really enjoyed this post. thanks for sharing to me.


Because of my studies I spend most of the day surrounded by guys (I’m the only girl in my class) and I miss some femininity, that’s why today I felt like bringing it out, wearing these lady like outfit. This isn’t an everyday look, so I decided to wear it today because I didn’t have class and I was going to meet my friends.

This look is inspired on the 50’s, I believe the style of those years is super feminine, flattering and shows the curves of your body without being super tight. That’s why Dior is one if my favourite brands.

First of all I decided to wear this vintage red midi skirt. Midi skirts are very classic piece of clothing, that’s why I only find them flattering in a bright colour like red. It might be my impression, but if I wear a demi skirt in a dark…

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